Client Advocate

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Louisville, KY
This volunteer has the heart of Jesus for His children, is able to listen with empathy, offer scripture guidance and pray with love and respect for a hurting soul.

As a Client Advocate, you will have the opportunity to offer face to face love to those in great distress, to pray over their fears and troubles, to raise their hope and lead them to find their ultimate hope in Jesus

Your role will be to meet with the client before they leave the legal aid clinic and review the recommendations of the attorney to make sure they have a clear understanding of the steps to resolve their legal issue. In this important meeting, the Client Advocate also listens with kindness and respect to the heart of the client, seeking to understand, and then to lead them to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

For the client, you will be a caring listener who brings the wisdom of scripture into their trouble; prayers for their specific needs; a glimpse of the light that comes by following Jesus.

You will contribute to the core mission of Access Justice:   each client will be clear about their next legal steps; each client will be offered a bible and special prayer before leaving; and every client will hear about the hope of Jesus before stepping back into their distressing situations.

25 spots left

Pat Davidson
(502) 309-9039

Various locations
Louisville, KY



  1. Strong foundation in Biblical knowledge
  2. Some background in the study of prayer and evangelism


  1. Meet with client following attorney consultation
  2. Review Legal Action Plan with the client
  3. Listen to the client's story and concerns
  4. Offer the grace of Jesus
  5. Pray with client before they leave


  1. Attend a Journey with Access Justice event
  2. Review videos and stories on Access Justice website
  3. Provide list of preferred clinic locations/times
  4. Shadow an experienced Client Advocate at a clinic


No stories have been posted for this opportunity yet.

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